It’s a clever video of Lauren Daigle’s popular song Still Rolling Stones. Daigle has released a Zoomified version of the hit.

While churches and all other organizations have been forced to work out how to manage without a live crowd, so have musicians. They have all been getting creative, as is evidenced in Daigle’s video below.

Daigle performed the song last year on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers‘.

“I had so much fun with all my bandmates putting this together for you!” she said on Instagram. “From all of us, we hope you enjoy the social distancing version of “Still Rolling Stones”!”

The Zoom version would have taken quite some work, but musicians, surrounded by some of the most creative people around, probably have an easier road to create such videos than many others.

in addition to this, the lockdown is a chance for musicians to get their digital affairs in order and work out how to do an even better job at connecting with their fans on social media.

Daigle also posted this lockdown video to Instagram, which at the tome of publishing, had been seen by more than 877,000 people.

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