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Lauren Daigle Announces Streaming Concert From The Ryman

Two-time GRAMMY Award winner and multi-platinum recording artist LAUREN DAIGLE is offering an exclusive online streaming concert called, “A NIGHT AT THE RYMAN WITH LAUREN DAIGLE AND FRIENDS” on SUNDAY, JUNE 6th at 6:30p (PT/ET). It was filmed in advance at NASHVILLE’s historic RYMAN AUDITORIUM. DAIGLE collaborated with multi-platinum recording artist JON FOREMAN of SWITCHFOOT, GRAMMY Award winner and five-time CMA Nominee NATALIE HEMBY of THE HIGHWOMEN, singer/songwriter ELLIE HOLCOMB, and PETEY MARTIN.

DAIGLE shared, “Sharing the stage and collaborating with other musicians has always been a high-point of any live show for me. To be joined with some of my dearest friends for a night of music and fun is such a blessing and makes me eager to be able to get back on the road!”

VIP tickets include an virtual Q&A with DAIGLE, livestream access, and exclusive behind the scenes content. Each ticket includes a 48-hour replay with $1 from every ticket donated to the PRICE FUND, a LAUREN DAIGLE foundation. Tickets can be purchased here.


Colton Dixon’s ‘Miracles’ hits Billboard No. 1

Just as his self-titled EP nears the close of its first week of release after hitting top 3 on iTunes Pop Albums Chart, American Idol alum Colton Dixon’s “Miracles” has hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Christian Hot AC/CHR chart. The first single from the EP has been widely praised and noted as “a bombastic, uplifting, humongous pop tune of the kind we’re desperately in need of right now.”

“I’m so grateful to all the stations and listeners for getting this song to number one,” Dixon commented. “What an incredible journey the past few months with this song have been so far. I feel like our country, our world, is in a place where we need hope maybe more than ever.

“The stories I’ve heard from fans all over about how during this time they’ve been able to see the little things, the little daily miracles God does in a bigger way now, is really why I wrote this song. Each day, even in the midst of hard times, there is always something we can be grateful for.”



Justin Bieber gives raw account of his faith

If you’ve questioned Justin Bieber’s faith, which, incidentally, none of us has the right to, as it is far from us to judge anyone, then the candid video below might help you take a different perspective.

From the outside, it is so easy to look at stars like Bieber and Kanye West and start questioning their motives when, in fact, the Hollywood world they live in is so spiritually dry that I bet Hollywood would actually be ripe for a revival.

Here is a group of people who have fame and fortune ticked off their lists, but what is next? Everyone is seeking fortunes, and some fame, yet these people have both in spades, and life for many is so empty.  

Bieber was recently interviewed, where he candidly shared his faith in Jesus Christ. Not ‘God’, as so many refer to him as, but as he continually says, ‘Jesus Christ’.

“Jesus wasn’t this religious elite… He was in the dirt,” he states.“ He found me in my dirt, and pulled me out.”

This raw four-minute video shows just how important faith is in his world. Having been a star since he was a child, as well as living in the Hollywood bubble, it is easy to look on and think that perhaps, faith and God are easy words to speak, but maybe harder to live. This video might just change your perspective.  

Image courtesy Instagram