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Lecrae drops new single ‘Deep End’

Fresh after being caught up in the interview with Louie Giglio, where he came under fire for comments made about “white privilege”, Lecrae has launched a new single.

Giglio was joined by Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy and rapper Lecrae for an “open and honest conversation around how racism has plagued Atlanta for generations when he made incredulous comments about white blessing becoming white privielege.

Lecrae responded to Giglio’s comments, stating, “I have a lot of racial trauma. After spending the last few years battling racism within the evangelical church I was in a dark place. In that interview I feared going back there. I’m healing but not healed. I’m definitely protecting myself from a breakdown.

“I want to be clear I’m sorry for anyone who was let down and hurt. This was good for me in many ways. It burns but it burns in a helpful way. Lamentations 3 has comforted me. I’m grateful for the love. Even the tough love.”


Lecrae releases video to accompany upcoming new album

Lecrae has pulled out all stops with his new music video.

‘Set me Free’ is from Lecrae’s new album, Restoration, to be released shortly. Take a listen, and more importantly, a look below.




Natalie Lauren releases Something Something

She is best known as a songwriter, having co-written for mainstream artists like Iggy Azalea and Chris Brown, but Natalie Lauren is an amazing talent in her own right.

She has also worked in the Christian genre with artists like Lecrae and Trip Lee.

With the former stage name of Suzy Rock, the recording artist, songwriter, graphic designer, writer, and music executive hales from Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a solo artist she performs within the Christian hip hop and R&B genres, having released three EPs and a mixtape as well as being featured on numerous songs by other artists.

Check out her work below.

Tori Kelly and Lecrae’s ‘Masterpiece’ live performance

Tori Kelly’s unexpected gospel-adjacent album Hiding Place was one of 2018’s biggest surprises.

The pop star was supposed to just include one gospel song in her new studio album, but thanks to some strikes of inspiration in the production process, that one song turned into an entire album.

Kelly went live with her single “Masterpiece,” bringing out Lecrae for the feature. Check it out.